Giant Clam

An Ode To Reuben Clamzo

My domain name is a reference to the ballad, The Story of Reuben Clamzo, by my favorite folk singer, Arlo Guthrie. You can hear it and other Arlo favorites on You Tube.
Senior software engineer with experience on a wide range of projects. A software generalist, I enjoy working with engaged, creative developers, applying new technologies and solving interesting problems.

My most interesting projects involved object-oriented design and modeling, web technology, database management systems, repositories and development tools.

I have generally been an individual contributor, but have also had technical lead, architectural and project management roles. I enjoy working in environments where I can learn as well as mentor. I value working collaboratively with a team that appreciates sharing the frustrations and victories of getting the code right.

Proficient in a wide range of Java technologies.